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About Carlos Legaspy

An expert in the financial services industry, Carlos Legaspy offers clients exceptional consulting services. As the President of Precise Holdings, LLC, Carlos Legaspy focuses primarily on assisting corporate creditors with restructuring projects to make their companies more efficient and profitable. Restructuring frequently involves one or multiple alterations in areas including operations, ownership, or legal divisions of a company. These changes are inherently complex and require following through with a complicated series of procedures to ensure that the company has the appropriate resources to continue with operations throughout the process. Restructuring also demands the leadership of professionals with the drive to see the project through to the end. In addition to providing the strong guidance to assist companies in moving forward with responsible debt management, Carlos Legaspy has assembled a versatile and talented team to secure the best interests of each client.

Currently serving as International Account Executive for Precise Securities, a division of Horwitz and Associates, Inc., Mr. Legaspy is active in international debt and equity markets. Throughout his career, Carlos Legaspy made significant contributions to the growth of his practice. Moreover, as a fluent speaker of both Spanish and English, Mr. Legaspy has helped the company form client relationships throughout Latin America and Europe.

Prior to working with Precise Holdings, Carlos Legaspy refined his skill set in financial services by successfully fulfilling a variety of roles with other companies. As a Negotiator for Intelligenics, Inc., Carlos Legaspy represented bondholders in a major bankruptcy proceeding that involved the Brazilian division of Singer Sewing Co. Mr. Legaspy has also worked as the Managing Director for Investment Placement Group, a wealth management and brokerage firm, and has experience as a broker-dealer with Serfin Securities, Inc. Carlos Legaspy has licenses with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to act as a broker-dealer and securities agent, and he is also certified as an investment advisor and supervisor. A resident of San Diego for 15 years, Mr. Legaspy enjoys participating in activities that foster personal development and exploring the oceans as an Advanced Open Water Diver.

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